Pure edutainment

Our exhibitions

It is our mission to educate, entertain, and enlighten kids around the world with the most compelling immersive experiences. We believe in the power of storytelling, hands-on interactivity, and experiential design in creating a transformative experience.

The touring exhibits in Umbrella Managements’s portfolio have been developed taking into consideration academic informations in order to ensure the utmost accuracy and credibility of content. Developed with academic rigor, and vetted with educational goals in mind, our clients can rest assured that our exhibitions are backed by leading scholarly research.

Each of our exhibitions comes with a technical guide and a scenario for local staff, so they can run the event smoothly. All the informations on different subjects are presented in a childish manner, so kids can understand everything using their language.


Expect the best

Recognized as a leader in traveling exhibitions for kids, Umbrella Management has a reputation for producing events that drive attendance. Whether it be the ever-popular subject matter of Ancient Egypt, every kid dream to become a doctor or a astronaut, or funny subjects like Wild West, the content of Umbrella Management’s touring exhibits have proven extremely popular with visitors in every venue that hosted our events.

With a strong educational content, our exhibitions offers an easy and funny way for kids to learn about important subjects (science & history). Kids will learn by playing. The educational information is specially adapted by professionals to be easy understood by kids. While playing children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

Kids will be involved in many interactive activities by visiting our exhibitions. We use sensors, remote controls, motors, lights, sounds and many games so children can touch, smell, see, listen, enter, taste or feel, offering them an amazing experience during the event.

The authentic atmosphere of our themed exhibitions is created by placing iconic elements, designed and manufactured directly in our workshop. Our design and finishing are as good as museum quality props. Your venue will be spectacularly decorated and every visitor will want to take pictures with the props.

Every kid wants to live an adventure! Our exhibitions are offering the real feeling of living an adventure. During our tours all around the world we had so many children who wanted to live once more the adventure so they were coming again and again in different days. The feeling of exploring new and interesting things is always very appreciated by all kids. You don’t need to believe us, just ask them!

All our exhibitions are modular and can be adapted to any venue’s architecture. The setups can be arranged in one single area or separately, divided into several areas, strategically selected by the venue. Our setups are easy to install, taking ~6-8 hours for mounting/dismantling. All setups, for each exhibition, can fit inside one big truck of 90 cubic meters.

What you will get

Full support from our side.

Events offering pure edutainment to kids!

Offer an unforgettable visit to your clients.